Ambientador Frescura Extrema 300 ml | Familia Institucional



Ambientador Frescura Extrema 300 ml | Familia Institucional

Ambientador con tecnología ultraclean. Elimina el 99.9% de las bacterias que generan los malos olores.


  • Antibacterial.
  • Botella por 300 ml
  • Caja por 9 unidades


  • Encapsula y elimina el 99.9% de las bacterias que causan los malos olores, no los enmascara.
  • Brinda mayor tranquilidad a los usuarios porque no deja huella.
  • Deja un fresco aroma en el ambiente.
  • Disponible en diferentes aromas (Bamboo y Pacific)


  1. Agita antes de usar.
  2. Gira la tapa para desbloquear el aplicador.
  3. Presiona hacia abajo
  4. Rocía en el aire en un movimiento de barrido a lo largo de todo el espacio

Introducing the Ambientador Frescura Extrema 300 ml from Familia Institucional! This powerful air freshener utilizes ultraclean technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria that cause unpleasant odors.

With its antibacterial properties, this product ensures a clean and fresh environment. Each bottle contains 300 ml of the solution, and each box includes 9 units, providing long-lasting freshness.

Experience the benefits of our Ambientador Frescura Extrema:
– It encapsulates and eliminates bacteria, rather than masking them, ensuring a truly clean and odor-free space.
– Provides peace of mind to users as it leaves no trace or residue behind.
– Leaves a refreshing aroma in the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere.
– Available in two delightful scents: Bamboo and Pacific.

Follow these simple instructions to use the Ambientador Frescura Extrema:
1. Shake well before use.
2. Twist the cap to unlock the applicator.
3. Press down to release the spray.
4. Sweep the spray in a sweeping motion throughout the entire area.

Enhance your surroundings with the Ambientador Frescura Extrema 300 ml. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and enjoy a fresh and clean environment.